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Get a real-time customer self-service app for insurance policies that are supported by service agents wherever your customer needs help.



Make renewals and buying new coverage easy through a combination of  our Digital and sales support. Placing the right coverage in front of the right customer.

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Realize real-time management and monitoring of your agency. Includes Business Intelligence and Approval Request Management.

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Deliver world-class customer and agency-facing platforms that make selling and servicing the insurance needs of your customers easier and more profitable.
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“I’m in love with COVU... I love using their system to help educate our customers on how to protect themselves. It takes away the pressure from selling and brings joy in helping others out. People do not buy based on others' recommendations, they buy because of what's in it for them. The data that it pulls helps me look like a more educated professional, and it helps me guide the customers as to why I am recommending the policy.”

“While I know that the human element of the service industry can never be completely replaced, most of the mundane tasks we do every day, can.I’m excited for all the things COVU is developing! The agency tool they are creating will make running an agency so much simpler and easier for agents everywhere, making a one-person operation look as powerful and reliable as the biggest conglomerates in the industry!”

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