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About COVU

Founded and advised by a team of insurance, finance, and tech industry veterans with a passion for transparent and unbiased advice. COVU's mission is to help both everyday people and professional advisors manage risk and insurance smarter. We help our customers find and fill their coverage gaps and achieve true peace of mind.

COVU works with a broad range of carriers and hand-picked agents while leveraging artificial intelligence and an outstanding service team to provide customers with simple one-stop shopping for insurance products.

"We at COVU  believe insurance began as a good and noble concept, communities coming together with the worthy goal of taking care of each other. With this in mind, is our mission to help people manage risk instead of just selling insurance, making insurance advice and risk management better and more accessible for everyone. 

The majority of independent agents feel they are struggling with back-office and client servicing instead of focusing on growth. 90% of all insurance sales in the US are through the agency channel, and the majority are independent. We know that 82% of the 36,000 independent P/C agencies in the US are small to medium-sized, which indicates how fragmented the market is. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been a massive talent shortage in the US Servicing clients, and managing people remotely is new to insurance agency owners. Also, many agencies have switched from physical office space to managing their entire operations remotely, with no intention of going back.

We need to Evolve! Agency owners feel that their business operation needs to change. The new digital players surrounding them and the new market dynamics have increased the urgency to take action

As solutions and goals at COVU we offer recommendation engine, back-office RPA, customer interface for self-servicing, omnichannel communication, data pre-fill, business intelligence dashboard, market access, cancellation follow-up, 24/7 response, cross-selling, and much more."

- Ali
COVU, Inc.

Ali Safavi

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Always Customer-Centric
We Rethink & Innovate
Being Trustworthy
Surpassing Expectations

We believe

insurance started as a noble concept – bringing together communities with a common goal of taking care of each other. Yet, like many novel ideas, motives shift, and intentions are blurred over time. COVU’s vision for the future is about managing the risk of individuals, as opposed to just insurance, and refocusing on what’s most important: The People.


is a daunting topic for many individuals, and they don’t like thinking about it, don’t understand the risk, and lack the resources and expertise to make smart risk decisions. COVU’s foundation is built on serving and protecting people by empowering them with trusted and unbiased advice paired with affordable protection options. 


independent agencies is the next vital step in revolutionizing the industry. 90% of all insurance sales in the United States operate through an agency channel – and the majority are independent.


is hitting the market quickly and aggressively with the primary goal of helping everyday people and growth-oriented insurance professionals reduce risk and manage insurance smarter.


 Holistic approach ensures agencies thrive by managing the business operations to provide an extraordinary customer experience through a unique combination of Full-service digital technology, human intelligence, real-time service, and top-tier sales support.