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We supercharge your agency to address all your major pain points. From staffing to technology, COVU is the Full-service platform that can help you "Run Your Agency", and not the other way around.

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Insurance Agencies

A plug-in to your agency operations, bringing together people and technology all in one place

Making your time more profitable

We help Independent agencies with solutions that empower them to scale in these difficult times. By partnering with COVU, we can give you the tools needed to make sure your agency doesn't RUN YOU.

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Insurance Companies

Insurance in the 21st century is all about distribution

Be more competitive

Insurance companies can introduce their portfolio of products to a targeted customer base fully digitalized and interested in your offering. We can connect the right customers to the correct products.




Expand your distribution and conversion with COVU

Insurance Customers

Identify and manage your risk with an effortless, personalized experience. 

You choose your path

With trusted and unbiased advice COVU offers transparent and affordable protection options. We  help you understand and manage your risks, so you are in control of  your protection.

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See why our partner agencies love COVU

“I’m in love with COVU... I love using their system to help educate our customers on how to protect themselves. It takes away the pressure from selling and brings joy in helping others out. People do not buy based on others' recommendations, they buy because of what's in it for them. The data that it pulls helps me look like a more educated professional, and it helps me guide the customers as to why I am recommending the policy.”

“While I know that the human element of the service industry can never be completely replaced, most of the mundane tasks we do every day, can.I’m excited for all the things COVU is developing! The agency tool they are creating will make running an agency so much simpler and easier for agents everywhere, making a one-person operation look as powerful and reliable as the biggest conglomerates in the industry!”

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